PostEverywhere® The Largest Load Board Network in North America Partners with dexFreight™

Load board plus machine learning and blockchain to launch load recommendation and rate forecasting to carriers and freight brokers

Sunrise, FL /Hebron, ND (July 21, 2020) – Grizella LLC is pleased to announce the addition of dexFreight as a PostEverywhere® Load Board Network partner. Subscribers to the load posting service now see their loads posted on dexFreight, a decentralized logistics network to handle shipments from booking to payment in one place.

“We are excited to partner with PostEverywhere, one of the industry’s largest load board aggregators,” said Jim Handoush, President and CEO of dexFreight, “bringing these loads into our suite of dexSmartTM tools which includes a machine learning engine to recommend shipments to carriers in our network. We also combine PostEverywhere shipment data with data from other sources, including shipments processed in our network to forecast market prices to freight brokers and carriers.”

dexFreight’s open network removes the silos in transportation by allowing its users to securely exchange live shipment data. From there on, carriers can bid, book, move shipments, and get paid using immutable and self-executable rate confirmations powered by smart contracts that live on the blockchain. The software monitors the whole shipment lifecycle, automatically paying carriers when all terms and conditions are met.

“PostEverywhere is dedicated to the idea that posting freight in multiple locations is the best way for a broker or shipper to promote their business with as many carriers and owner-operators as possible,” according to John DeGraff, Director of Load Board Partner Management for PostEverywhere. “Having your loads on every possible load board is a proven way to reach more carriers and build new relationships so we are excited about dexFreight’s unique offering to its users.”

dexFreight™ is simplifying logistics for a better world. It delivers a decentralized logistics Fintech-enabled market network for freight companies to handle shipments from booking to payment in one place. For information, visit

PostEverywhere® is the largest load board network in North America. As both an online solution and integrated with many transportation management software (TMS) systems, freight brokers can post truckloads simultaneously to dozens of load boards and freight matching services, all from a single user interface. PostEverywhere services make posting loads an efficient and productive task that improves load-coverage responsiveness. 

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