PostEverywhere® Load Board Partner Network

Take advantage of the PostEverywhere® network of Load Boards and Freight Matching Services to build your brand and reach more carriers than ever before.
Find the motor carriers that keep you ahead of the competition.

Partner Network of Load Board and Carrier App Services

Load Board Partner Service Description Post Loads Post Trucks
123Loadboard Load board helping professional truck drivers find truck loads  
Axis TMS Powerful platform built for Trucking Companies  
Bulk Loads Specializing in bluk freight shipments
Cargo Chief Cargo Chief’s C4 platform aggregates live carrier capacity  
ComFreight Load Board, Freight Matching and Freight Bidding Marketplace...
Delivery Brokers We provide full service backhaul loads and freight brokers comp...  
dexFreight A blockchain powered load matching platform - Press Release  
Direct Freight Services Includes a network of 200+ truckstop monitors
Dispatch Control Freight matching board offering advanced FREE trucking industry tools  
Factors Network Finding innovative ways to change the status quo
Flat Loads A Community Dedicated To Flatbed Trucking
Fork Freight A one stop dashboard for brokers, carriers and shippers
Free Freight Search Formerly known as Check Freight Broker
Freight2Cash Truckers load board  
Freight Finder Owner-operator load board.
Internet Freight Terminal Plus the specialty sites +
Load Match Discover new sources of trucking capacity by utilizing intermodal...
Load Solutions Load Solutions offers a complete services for brokers and truckers
Load Surfer Load brokers post loads absolutely free on Load Surfer.  
Next Load Simple, Smart, Fast - Your next load is here.  
Pick A Truckload Provides freight brokers and direct shippers with free freight matching...
Quick TSI All loads posted to this Load Board are displayed across the entire...
Right Now Loads Instant communication between truck driver recruiters and owner op...  
SemiCab A Digital Freight Ecosystem for Long-haul Trucking  
SinglePoint Free Load Board All carriers insured and funded. Shared with Seven Oaks Capital  
Transport Carrier Network A national network of qualified transport carriers - aka ShipperNet  
Truck Info has made finding loads or freight an easy process...
Trucker Path Most popular app for American truckers
Truckload CPI Load board with rate calculator
Trulos Reach over 16,900 drivers. If you are a broker or agent ask about our...  
Vessage Connecting carriers and shippers in minutes  
Xypper On-demand Shipping Real-time Carriers  

* The PostEverywhere® posting service allows users to post directly to a variety of Internet posting sites. These sites are all owned and operated independently of PostEverywhere and Grizella LLC. A PostEverywhere subscription does not include any fees or costs associated with the use of any posting sites. Many sites, including free ones, require users to be registered with the site prior to posting. Some sites may screen applicants prior to permitting load and/or truck posting.

The Ultimate Load Board Network - Specialized For Freight Brokers

Many trucking brokers may have what seems like a dynamic load board network, yet it could be full of inefficiencies that eat up profits. Just a few of those inefficiencies are underrated freight, frequent delays, and over-the-top freight rates. Revenue growth is not the entire answer to problems such as these. It is important to build a network of carriers from thousands of trucking companies to keep your business running smoothly. Don’t limit yourself to the same group of carriers all the time because you never know when one suddenly can’t comply with your schedule. When this happens, and all other carriers from your small network are busy, the loads don’t get moved and customers aren’t happy. Reputation is everything in the trucking industry and unhappy customers don’t mind telling others!

Load Posting Solution | Load Board Network of Carriers

The PostEverywhere® Load Board Network is a solution that every trucking broker can use to their advantage. You post your load once and it is instantly available to dozens of Load Boards. Remember, each load board within our network has their own group of carriers that can help you expand your carrier base. They each have their own unique benefits to share with you for your freight matching purposes. The larger carrier group you work with, the greater your chance of covering a load on time.

Load Boards - Carriers Relationships

You will make your freight visible to all kinds of transportation companies and will be able to develop relationships with carriers you might have never known about. Our Load Board Network is a great place to find those quality carriers and get their best freight rates for your available freight. Carriers need freight, so why not give them the opportunity to work with you. Using our Load Board Network you will be able to broadcast your available freight from one central location. Entering your load information is simple on the pre-populated templates. Once your load is posted it is easy to update it, re-post it or delete it.

Brokers Find Freight Trucks Quickly and Efficiently

Saving time is the biggest benefit of using the PostEverywhere® Load Board Network, but certainly not the only one. The fact that you can control your freight from a simple web-based application, gives you control over your business 24 hours a day. PostEverywhere® can also interface with your very own broker software to make posting your loads a breeze! There isn’t a faster way to get to know your peers in the trucking industry than this. Building your network of trusted carriers today is easier than ever before.

The bottom line is getting your shipment on the road as soon as possible and making profits. So stop posting your loads to a couple of websites and let the PostEverywhere® Load Board Network expand your reach for trucking companies. With PostEverywhere Load Board Network, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sign-up now for a hassle free 30-day trial.

How to Activate Free Posting Load Boards in PostEverywhere

Now that you have decided to give PostEverywhere® a trial run you may be wondering how to activate free posting load boards. There are dozens of load boards to post your loads on. You will find using PostEverywhere® will speed up the process. Here’s how to get started.

Getting your sites set up is very easy. Simply click the Quick Set-Up button on PostEverywhere® and follow the simple instructions. This, will activate almost all the load posting sites at one time. You will notice the red X has now turned to a green check mark to indicate they are activated. For best results enter your MC# and/or DOT# prior to activating the websites. This step is because some of the websites require this information in order to post.

PostEverywhere® has a goal to be compatible with as many internet load posting and truck posting sites as possible. When new sites are added from time to time we will activate them for you. The more websites your loads are posted to, the better the odds are for you to get your loads covered and with better freight rates. When you broadcast your loads to carriers using the PostEverywhere® interface, you get work done in a fraction of your normal load posting time. You’ll be able to reach quality carriers you’ve never done business with before.

PostEverywhere® will broadcast your load postings to multiple load boards as quickly and accurately as possible. And remember, you can decide which websites you post your loads on. The more sites you put your loads and trucks in front of, the more offers you will receive. Usually, the small truck transportation companies you may work with now, will certainly remember you as they grow. Building long lasting relationships helps to keep your business alive and well for a long time.

As you can now see, activating your free posting load boards is not hard at all. In fact, the set up takes less time than posting to one load board in most cases. By taking this step and using PostEverywhere® you just said yes to more free time, less stress, and better freight rates. In other words, your World just got a whole lot better!