Frequently Asked Questions

For questions or technical support, please contact us at (844) 878-9700 or Email Us.

What does PostEverywhere do?

The PostEverywhere load and truck posting service simultaneously places your load and truck postings on multiple internet posting sites (load boards). First, you create an account with PostEverywhere and set up websites for posting. Then you post a load and/or truck once and broadcast it multiple websites with a click of the mouse. Update and remove your postings just as easily when they are no longer available.

Watch this video to visualize the benefits of using PostEverywhere® and let us know if you have any further questions.

Can I search for loads and trucks with PostEverywhere?

PostEverywhere is for posting, not searching. For a list of sites to search on, please see our Network page.

What browsers does PostEverywhere work with?

For the best experience, we recommend using the most current version of your browser.

How long does my free trial last?

The free trial lasts for a period of 30 days and includes 120,000 postings (around 2400 loads). Some additional service options are not available during your trial period.

How do I start a free trial?

From the PostEverywhere homepage, press the Start Trial button. Fill out and submit the form to create your PostEverywhere trial account. A confirmation code, which you will need to begin using PostEverywhere, will be sent to your email address.  No credit card or billing information is needed to start your trial.

How much does PostEverywhere cost?

PostEverywhere packages start at $29.95 a month for a single user account and include sending up to 40,000 postings (around 800 loads) per billing cycle. Additional users cost $10.00 per monthly billing cycle, no postings included. Additional users draw postings from their primary account. Additional postings and other service options are available. Prices listed only apply to accounts paying directly to Grizella LLC. Please contact us for complete pricing information.

How do I pay for PostEverywhere?

To make a payment, go to the Account section, then select the billing tab. You can make payments by credit card, or print your own invoices. You may make credit card payments for 1 month at a time, with an Auto Pay option available. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. There is a check fee of $2.95 for each check payment.

When is my payment due?

Bills are sent by email on the 21st of each month and due within 20 days. When you make your first payment, you are set to a billing cycle ending the 20th of the month. Your first payment will include the first full billing cycle, plus the pro-rated amount from the end of your trial to the beginning of that cycle.

What happens to my account if I don't pay on time?

Once your account has expired, you will not be able to use your PostEverywhere software until your account is paid. All of your information will remain intact, including: loads and trucks, contacts, account ID’s, passwords, and reserve postings. Once your account is paid, you will be able to resume posting. If your account is suspended for payment and you pay by check, contact Customer Support at 701-878-9700 for assistance.

Do I have to download any software to enter and post my loads and trucks?

No. PostEverywhere is a web-based application, with nothing to download or install.

How do you count the number of postings I send?

PostEverywhere counts load postings, where one load (or truck) posted to 10 websites  is counted as 10 postings. Our billing cycle runs from the 21st to the 20th, which we refer to as monthly, or per month.

Both Adds and Updates (including refreshes and rolls) are counted as postings. Removals are not counted. Go to the My Account tab to see how many postings you have available for the current billing cycle.

A Standard PostEverywhere account includes 40,000 postings per month – about 800 loads. Additional posting is offered in blocks of 20,000 postings (400 loads). Unused additional postings roll-over for use in future billing cycles.

A Power PostEverywhere account includes 2,000,000 postings per month – about 40,000 loads. Additional postings are offered in blocks of 2,000,000 postings. Unused additional postings roll-over for use in future billing cycles.

What are the Status and User fields for?

The Status and User Fields, along with the Internal Note field, are for you to use as you see fit. These fields are not sent to posting sites, or in posting emails. If you have multiple users set up for your company, they will all be able see this information.

What is the difference between the Remove button and the Unpost button?

In the Active Loads and Active Trucks areas, you have two different ways to remove postings from websites. The Remove button will take the postings down from the websites, and remove the entry from your Active area, placing it in your Load or Truck History. If a load or truck is not currently posted to any sites, it will simply be removed to history.

The Unpost button does just that – it takes the selected postings down from websites, but leaves the entry in your Active area. This is useful if you plan to edit and re-post as a fresh posting, or if you use PostEverywhere to track loads and trucks until they reach their destinations.

Can I access my SaferWatch® account from PostEverywhere?

Yes, you can enter an MC or DOT number in the Carrier Lookup box on the left – below the navigation. The first time you do this you will need to enter you SaferWatch username and password. If you do not have a SaferWatch account, you will have the opportunity to start a free trial when you do a lookup.

What sites can I post to?

The PostEverywhere posting service aims to be integrate with a wide variety of internet load boards and transportation marketplaces. The current Load Board Network can be viewed on the Load Boards page. As more sites are added they are activated for you. You can use the PostEverywhere website manager page to control which sites you post to.

Some sites may require an account in order to post. Although most sites offer free posting accounts, requirements vary from site to site.

None of the websites are on my active sites list. How do I activate sites?

When you first log in to you will need to activate websites in order to send postings. Some websites do not use accounts, and, for others, accounts are optional for PostEverywhere users. Most sites do require accounts, and in rare cases, paying accounts.

Use the Quick Setup button to activate as a many of the free posting sites as possible.

How long does it take for my postings to show up on a website?

For most posting sites, our service is immediate. Some sites do take a few minutes to post. Our goal is to get your postings placed on multiple posting sites as quickly and accurately as possible. PostEverywhere can get your postings on all of the compatible sites in about the same time it takes to manually post to just one website.

How can I tell if my postings are showing up on the different websites?

If you are posting with an external load board account, you can generally go to the site and log in, then go to the View My Loads/Trucks (or similar) page. If a website does not use accounts, or they are optional and you are posting without one, you will have to search the site.  Note: Searching may require a paid account on some sites, even those that offer free posting, making verification impractical in some cases.

In some cases it is not possible to verify your postings due to the nature of the site. We have received assurances from such sites that our postings do arrive properly formatted for their use, and they do contact us if there is any interruption in our service.

Will I be charged by the websites to send postings?

All of the sites in our Load Board Network currently offer free posting. Your subscription to PostEverywhere does not cover any costs or fees associated with the use of any website. Grizella LLC and PostEverywhere are independent of the various posting sites with which our service is integrated. We are constantly working to strengthen our Load Board Network to improve the effectiveness of our PostEverywhere.

I've never heard of some of these sites, should I post to all of them?

PostEverywhere allows you to manage which members of the Load Board Network you post to. The Quick Setup activates as many sites as it can. When new load boards are added, we will activate them by default.

The transportation industry is undergoing rapid changes, and many new companies, large and small, are competing to bring the next generation of load board services to market. PostEverywhere makes your loads visible to the carriers drawn to these new services, along with a wide range of other load boards popular with small carriers. By posting to as many sites as possible, you will get the largest audience and the most calls.

How do I launch PostEverywhere? Do I login on your website?

Yes, you log in to PostEverywhere at

Where's my confirmation code?

Your confirmation code was sent to the email address you entered when setting up your trial. Check your email for a message from support at The subject of the email is Your PostEverywhere Confirmation Code. If you did not receive this email you can re-enter your email address in the bottom of the Confirmation Code Entry window and request it again. This will also update your email address in the event that it was mistyped the first time. If you still do not receive your confirmation code, please contact us for assistance.

PostEverywhere says I don't have enough postings available to send my selected loads (or trucks). What does that mean and what do I do about it?

It means that you (or your company) have used all of your available postings. If you have 10 postings remaining, and you post to 11 sites, you will not be able to send another load or truck. Standard PostEverywhere service includes sending up to 40,000 postings per billing cycle. To send again before a new billing cycle rolls around, you will need a Posting Pack. Each $10.00 Posting Pack contains 20,000 reserve postings which will only be used as needed. Reserve postings do not expire, so unused reserve postings remain available when needed to supplement your basic monthly allotment in the future.

You can easily view the number of postings you currently have available on the dashboard. Press the Account button and then the Make Payments / Manage Account button to purchase Posting Packs. If you are a member of a company account, contact your account administrator. Their name and number is listed on your Account page in PostEverywhere
If you (or your company) use over 100,000 postings per cycle, switching to the Power package that includes 2 million postings will be more cost-effective.

Why can I no longer access my SaferWatch® account from PostEverywhere?

Please ensure that your SaferWatch username and password are stored into your PostEverywhere account.

To view/edit your SaferWatch account info, go to Account and click on the Setup SaferWatch Integration link at the bottom of the page.

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