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Designed for shippers and freight brokers, PostEverywhere® puts you in control of your load postings and helps you to gather competitive rates, increase load visibility, and locate available trucks faster.

PostEverywhere® provides high value packages to fit your load posting needs

* Reposting a load also counts as a posting. Load posting counts are approximations based on posting to 40 loadboards. Truck posting also available.
** Un-used Extra Postings roll-over for future use

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Benefits of PostEverywhere®


Expand your carrier base by reaching a larger pool of trucking companies and owner-operators.


Save time and money by increasing spot market efficiency, reducing unnecessary calls, and maximizing exposure to your loads.


Give agents freedom to post loads and trucks on their own or let one agent handle all of the posting.


Use non-posting fields to improve communication throughout your company by sharing internal load information.

Freight Posting To Multiple Load Boards

Over the last few years more load boards than ever have popped up on the Internet. Why? Time and money are the bottom line for shippers and brokers so freight posting for the purpose of locating trucks is always a top priority.

The fastest way to do that is by making your loads visible on multiple load boards. They are an easy way to find available trucks and build new relationships with fellow carriers you can work with on a regular basis. Building a network of dependable truckers is essential in the freight transportation industry.

Brokers Find Freight Trucks Quickly and Efficiently

For fast results use the quick setup tab. This will automatically set up your freight posting with dozens of free load boards and automatically create your login credentials (ID and password).

This process takes about one to two minutes to complete. Any remaining sites you can manually set up if you wish to use them. 

New sites are updated as they become available, and we will activate them for you to keep you up-to-date.

Although larger sites may give you the bulk of business, don’t discount the small ones either. Post your freight in as many locations as possible to get your capacity on the road faster and your business name in front of as many truckers as possible. Small sites are sometimes easier to make that connection and build working relationships.

The quick set-up button is and how the system creates for you an ID and password for load board. It is easy to stop posting to any one website by simply clicking the stop button. With the simple steps above you are on your way to making new business contacts and saving time on posting.

The new freight posting technology is here for you. Don’t be left behind. Start posting loads now and see how PostEverywhere® can promote your business and help you find more small to mid-sized trucking companies to move more freight.

PostEverywhere® Features


Speedy posting of loads and trucks to our network of load boards and matching services.


One simple load entry form for all of your posting. Stop dealing with a different form on every site.


Stop getting calls on postings you have already covered. Easily remove or update your loads and trucks on all sites.


Send load and truck availabilities directly to your preferred business contacts via email.


Save frequently posted loads and trucks for easy reuse, or search your history for previous postings.


Enter additional information about the load that is only visible to you and your company.

Posting to multiple loads boards every day and frequently updating your loads can take hours of your business day, so again it’ time to find a way to work smarter, not harder.

PostEverywhere® helps you to post your loads one time and then with a click of the mouse will send it to dozens of loads boards and carrier apps for you. This helps you enter your load information only one time. What a time saver!

You can view the current list of our integrated load boards on our site, by clicking here. Please note that your PostEverywhere® membership does not cover any other membership fees for those sites that require payment. As soon as you open your account you should activate websites so you can start posting immediately.

From inside the PostEverywhere® dashboard you can set up the websites you want to post your loads to. Some sites may take a minute or two but the majority of postings are immediate. This way you will enable your freight posting to be broadcast to multiple sites as quickly as you would normally post manually to one site!