CompanyBoard™ is a service option for PostEverywhere® and PEP™ customers. Replace your load tendering white board with a password-protected CompanyBoard in just 5 minutes. Imagine an inexpensive and easy-to-use whiteboard that you can view and edit from anywhere – work at home or on the road and connect remote offices. Add a CompanyBoard to your PostEverywhere account for only $15.00 a month (also available for trucks).



View and edit CompanyBoard from anywhere with an internet connection


Use PostEverywhere internal information fields for tracking, notes, shipper or carrier information, and more.


Provide a flexible and affordable collaboration tool for all agents and dispatchers


Increase office efficiency and improve communication – CompanyBoard gets your whole company on the same page.



Provide viewing access to your PostEverywhere data without adding additional users


Always up to date as you post, update, and remove loads through PostEverywhere


Choose from a number of basic setup options or let us customize the look and content of CompanyBoard pages to meet your specific needs


Enter and edit data in PostEverywhere internal (private) information fields through CompanyBoard

If the basic CompanyBoard options do not meet your needs, we can customize one for you. Contact us for details and pricing.