Posting Loads Quickly

Everyone wants to save time when it comes to posting loads of available freight to load boards; and being able to import loads from Excel files is a key time saver. Not every load posting service will allow this, but for members of PostEverywhere® it’s just one of the many perks.

Although posting on your main dashboard will give you access to all your loads and other pertinent group and individual load information, you can import an Excel file to your dashboard in a couple of steps. The image below shows you the first step, which starts from the Active Loads screen.

First go to the drop-down menu and select “import loads”. Once selected, a box will pop up so that you can browse your computer for the correct Excel file. Browse until you find the file you wish to import and then click on the “import file” button. Remember that load files must be in .csv format as listed above. That means comma separated or tab separated. Once all your records have been imported you will see the message “Imported X records”.

You can see how easy it is to upload files from your computer directly into the dashboard interface. This system makes it easy to keep up with your loads on and off line.
You can make any changes to your active load list at any time through the dashboard. The PostEverywhere® dashboard is a great tool that provides members with many options to enhance their business. The more you understand the system and what it can do for you, the more your business will benefit in your daily operation.

Keep your loads in front of thousands of carriers and get the edge over your competitors. Nice guys don’t always finish last!