Freight-load posting with PostEverywhereFreight Load Posting (load posting, updating and deleting)

Shippers and Brokers are constantly looking for ways to streamline the process of freight load posting, updating and deleting loads; with PostEverywhere® that process couldn’t be easier. PostEverywhere’s goal is to help you increase efficiency by saving time posting to multiple load boards simultaneously. On some load boards making changes can be confusing, but not on PostEverywhere®. To find available trucks your loads need to be broadcast over to many load boards and it can be a daunting task (in many cases) to make update, or even delete the load posting completely. Here, those tasks are easy to understand and simple to do.

Through PostEverywhere® it is easy to go to Active Loads and then click on “new load”. Once there, you simply enter any information you need and hit “save and post”. Pre-populated freight load postings make it “goof-proof” to go through the process of listing a load without making any mistakes.

Once you have your freight load posting, be sure to occasionally refresh them. The “refresh” gives you a newer time-stamp and let carriers know that your load is still available. Without refreshing, carriers may think your loads have already been given to another carrier.

Keeping your freight load postings updated will ensure you make contacts with the right carriers and help you build a network of solid people you can work with on a daily basis. In fact, once you have your favorite carriers you can even send them load freight load postings by email, through your Dashboard. If you prefer to post loads without even logging into PostEverywhere® you can do so once integrated with our system.  PostEverywhere® has already been integrated with most broker software on the market – see current TMS integrations.

Keep in mind that PostEverywhere® offers a completely free 30-days trial, so you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of business exposure to gain.

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