Find Freight Trucks with Minimal Effort

Wouldn’t you love to cut-down legwork and find freight trucks with minimal effort? Speedy load posting to multiple paid and free load boards is every brokers dream. Why? Finding new ways to save time is important to every business owner in the trucking/shipping industry and the reason is crystal clear. The old saying “time is money” has never been more true than in this fast-paced world today.

The challenge shippers and brokers face today is posting their available loads on multiple load boards fast, and the task of being able to find freight trucks quickly. Posting loads can take hours of your day if you do that manually. There is a quick and easy solution to these problems. It’s a solution that will free up your day and help you increase your business exponentially.

Key Features of Speedy Load Posting, using PostEverywhere®

– Spend more time working and less time posting
– Streamline posting loads to multiple load boards from a single user interface
– Get lightning fast broadcast with pre-populated load templates
– A perfect system for covering Spot Loads

When you have access to an interface that will post to all your load boards with one entry, your loads are immediately visible to all truckers on all your chosen load posting websites (dozens of free load boards available) . The PostEverywhere® system user friendly and stores the websites you tell it to, for future postings. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

The pre-populated load templates cut down additional legwork locating available freight trucks and help get your work done in a fraction of the time normally spent on covering your loads. With PostEverywhere®, those quick spot loads are easy to take care of as well.

There are many benefits to using one service to post and keep track of your loads and trucks. Below are just some of the benefits you will love.

Fast: With a short load posting template and a few clicks and your loads are posted on multiple websites
Affordable: Cost less than a cup of coffee per day
Free 30 day trial: No credit card required for the free trial
Great visibility: Carriers see you and trust you with more work
Easy to update: Making changes or updating loads, is just a matter of saving the update
Easy to remove loads: No hassles with people calling on completed loads, because you just delete when done

There is no software to download since you do all the work online. You simply sign up for the free trial and start posting your loads. The website interface will help you get on multiple load boards within a minute. In fact, PostEverywhere® interfaces with dozens of load boards to get your loads on the road quickly.

To find freight trucks and move your loads quickly and efficiently is good for your business and good for the economy. Multiple load boards may be necessary, but the hassle of posting on them all is too much trouble. This speedy load posting interface is waiting for you to give it a try. Once you give it a test run you’ll never go back!

Cut down legwork locating available capacity for your company by using the free 30-day trial to get started today. You will enjoy this speedy way of load posting on multiple load boards.