Written Customer Testimonials

AM TransportIn the freight brokerage world, speed is everything. To be successful, especially when the capacity is tight, you want to put your loads in front of available trucks faster than the competition. PostEverywhere is key to helping us stay in front of as many possible trucks and as fast as possible.”

 Michael McKinney, A.M. Transport Services Inc

“Going to PostEverywhere to find a carrier, is like going to church and finding a date. You know you’re going to have a quality one.”

Pete Emahiser, Tadmore Transportation LLC.

WebGeniePro - Freight Brokers Solution“Having been with PostEverywhere for 11 years, I feel like a parent who has raised a child and the child has grown up right. If I was a broker and didn’t have PostEverywhere, I’d get out of the business.”

Scott Brenneman, Web GENIE Pro