Network of Trucking Companies

Network of Trucking Companies

Whether you post one, ten or even one thousand loads a day, chances are you want your available loads to be seen by as many transportation companies as possible. Our automated load posting process helps you to post your available freight to over 50 paid and free load boards and receive the best rates possible from over 100,000 local and national trucking companies and owner operators.
Lower Freight Rates

Lower Freight Rates

Reach over 100,000 trucking companies representing over one million trucks. Offer your available freight to more carriers and get the best quality transport, at the right time, and at the right price. Stay ahead of the competition and post loads to innovative freight matching load boards.

Hint: Offering loads to smaller trucking companies and owner operators often results in receiving better freight offers.

Successful Business Strategy

Successful Business Strategy

Brokers who control their freight strategy know how important it is to have quality trucking companies in their corner and keep abreast of all aspects of their loads from one central location. PostEverywhere® not only distributes your loads instantly to multiple paid and free load boards, it also helps you increase your business exposure and reach more quality carriers. Now, that’s success!
What Is PostEverywhere®
What Can PostEverywhere® Do For You
Free load boards reach trucking companies

The fastest way to post freight loads to multiple load boards, and quickly reach tens of thousands of trucking companies, is with PostEverywhere®. In fact the PostEverywhere® Network of Load Boards broadcasts your loads to over 100,000 local and National trucking companies and Owner Operators, representing over 1,000,000 trucks across the US and Canada. The best part is there is no software to download, the application is completely web-based. It is also a fantastic way to integrate your existing TMS and get your load postings out quickly.

Relationship with trucking companies

Posting loads to multiple load boards is just the beginning. While load boards are important to your bottom line, a good reputation goes a long way in procuring trucking services for your company. PostEverywhere® not only posts your loads quickly to multiple paid and free load boards, it also increases your business exposure. Subsequently, you are being able to reach more quality truckers, develop strong relationships and ultimately build a sustainable future for your business.

Trucking Companies via Free Load Boards

As a freight broker, you can use the many features of PostEverywhere® to help you stay in control of all your loads. You can quickly post loads to multiple load boards, update them, re-post them and delete them when covered. The pre-populated load-posting templates are easy way to fill in load information for your regular freight loads.

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From Our Customers

“To be successful, especially when the capacity is tight, you want to put your loads in front of available trucks faster than the competition.”

Michael McKinney
President, A.M. Transport Services, Inc.

“Going to PostEverywhere to find a carrier, is like going to church and finding a date. You know you’re going to have a quality one”

Pete Emahiser
Tadmore Transportation LLC.

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Reach Over 100,000 Trucking Companies

An Unique Load Posting Solution

PostEverywhere is a load posting website that can help you tremendously in your pursuit of reaching quality trucking companies and owner operators. No, it’s not a load board you’ve used before. PostEverywhere is a network of over 50 load boards and can interface with your TMS software, making it simple for you to automate your load posting to multiple load boards simultaneously from one central location. Here are some benefits for your consideration.

Increase Load Visibility Across New and Innovative Load Boards

Once you start posting loads the speedy way, from one load posting website, you will immediately increase your freight visibility across new and innovative freight matching load boards. The more visible your loads are, the better carrier rates will come your way. This is a great way to build upon your reputation as well. Being accessible from many load boards is a very valuable asset to your business.

Alert More Trucking Companies and other Carriers About Your Available Loads

Whether you have one load or thousands you want as many carriers as possible to know about your available freight. When you use PostEverywhere to post your loads to multiple load boards you broadcast to all the local and national carriers in a single shot. The load posting process is simple and will have your load posted to all the load boards you choose instantly to over 50 available load boards.

Create High Value Relationships With New Carriers

As time passes and truckers regularly see your loads on multiple load boards, this will help you to increase your business visibility, grow your reputation and develop relationships with new quality carriers. You will build new relationships with big and small trucking companies and other carriers alike, helping you to always get the best rates for your available freight.

Continuously Grow Your Network of Reliable Carriers

There are many reliable truckers out there and it is up to you, The Broker, to reach them and let them know about your business. They are anxious to hear from you, to showcase their professionalism and to ultimately win your trust.

When you build new relationships, your network of trucking companies will grow and your business will grow, no question about it. Subsequently, you will be able to access larger pools of all types of available trucks.

Posting your loads to multiple load boards at one time is a service you will never want to be without once you give it a try. There are so many benefits and nothing to lose. What you will gain is more time with less posting effort and confidence in your network of carriers.